Alissa Paige Photography


Utah Family Photographer | Emily + Jed

I just need to start off with one thing right off the bat: You don't need to have kids to get family portraits taken!!  That is one thing I constantly run into with people I know who are married without children.  A good chunk of people take their engagement photos before they get married, and then never have professional photos taken of their little family again until they have children.  That gap could be years and years!  You and your spouse are still a family and you don't want to forget this time in your life.  So, moral of the story, family pictures are for everyone!

Anyways...  Emily has been a friend of mine for a long time.  We met way back in, I think, 8th grade in our singing and dancing group, Singer's Unlimited.  Picture something like Glee but not quite as good.  We thought we were pretty amazing.  I did Singers until I graduated from high school so it was a pretty good chunk of my life.  We had rehearsals and performances and every summer, we would go on "tour".  We went places like Florida, California, Seattle, Canada, and Cancun where we would perform and just plain have a good time.  I have so many good memories with these people, Emily included, so when Emily asked if I could do some pictures of her and her husband, I jumped right on it!  

It was so much fun catching up with her and seeing where we both are in life right now.  Emily is such an amazing person and I'm so glad she convinced her husband, Jed, to come downtown for some photos.  You can literally see how much they love each other and I was just eating it up!  Not only that, they are both pretty much professional models; I barely even had to tell them what to do!  They killed their session!